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Invoice Financing Made Simple

We have funded over $1.0 billion to hundreds of Australian business over the last 7 years. We have offices and people around Australia, so if you have a business supplying goods or services to other Australian businesses on trade terms (i.e. not cash on delivery or retail) then we’d love to help with your business cash flow needs.

Solve your business cash flow needs with flexible, fair funding

It’s Application Fee Free

No application fees, no repayments, no bank fees, and no property security required.

It’s 100% Flexible

Choose either a Full Ledger or Selective Invoice Finance facility to suit the needs of your business.

Funding in 24 Hours

Receive 80% of your selected invoices within 24 hours of the invoice being verified, with the balance being received when your client pays 30-45 days later.

OptiPay Secure Debt Protection

Invoice funding with protection against your debtor going into insolvency. If your client defaults on payment, OptiPay’s insurance will respond.

Invoice Finance