A BIG Business solution utilised by a small business with exciting results

Our new client is a small but fast growing business in the corporate Promotional Products sector. They have operated their profitable promotional items business for five years with great success.

They want to grow and are pitching for larger corporate accounts with great success, but are faced the following problems:

1.…Limited asset security (it’s an asset light business).
2.…Have no personal property.
3.…Client payment terms with these larger corporates go out to 90 days.
4.…Suppliers wanting deposits and full payment on delivery or out to 30 days.

They are therefore finding it difficult to fund these larger and larger orders.

They needed to secure better supplier terms, source a range of sample product locally and negotiate earlier payment terms with their debtors. This is a very typical business cash flow problem, restricting growth and opportunity.

Their accountant and bank relationship manager introduced the client to OptiPay and within three days OptiPay had designed a complete solution.

Through OptiPay’s Accelerator funding:
1.…Established a $380,000 revolving facility to fund purchase orders, which is used in part to fund the
.……client’s creditors (suppliers) at 100% of the agreed invoice value.
2.…A facility for the client to draw up to 85% of their accounts receivable limit on their approved debtors.
3.…The client continued to manage their own collections (OptiPay does no interfere with its clients’ debtor collections).
4.…No property security was required.
5.…Non-recourse to the client.

The facility is absolutely unique in the market and was completed within days. Easy tracking inclusive of supplier and debtor management at the click of a mouse.

All reporting is available online with real time updates and cash flow management.

Challenge your understanding of cash flow solutions with innovation developed by OptiPay (OptiPay). Ground breaking, smart and fair, exactly how business should be.

Call a OptiPay expert today and learn firsthand how we can assist in your business growth ambitions by offering big business funding solutions to growing small businesses.

“Get tomorrows cash flow today.”

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