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Our purpose is to let the cash flow to help Australian businesses grow and we do it in a fairer, faster, friendlier, more flexible, and far more affordable manner than a traditional business loan.

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Fast, Flexible, Friendly, Fair and
Affordable Access to Funds

The business landscape is fast evolving, and for companies like yours to be ahead of the curve, you need a faster and smarter way to meet the dynamic cash flow demands of the business.

We believe that time is money, and money is the lifeblood of any business; it’s the master key that unlocks greater growth opportunities for businesses.

It’s always been about setting the path for success and growth for businesses and that goes for us as well. So in 2022, we decided it’s time for us to evolve into a larger financial partner with even more innovative funding solutions to empower growing businesses in Australia.

With this new leap forward comes an evolution of our brand. OptiPay is here to help you optimise your payments and your cash flow requirements to ensure your business continues to grow.

With private equity backing us, we can now provide larger financial partnerships to SMEs on a regular basis, helping them accelerate their growth with fast, flexible, friendly, fair, and affordable funding.

We’re here to help you play the big game!

Why Trust OptiPay?

Our evolution from OptiPay has resulted in a proven track record of providing Australian businesses with innovative funding solutions for almost a decade. In that time, we have funded over a billion dollars to over 350 Australian businesses, with turnover ranging from $1.0 million pa up to $80 million pa.

We understand the challenges facing businesses across a wide range of industries, and have particular expertise in the manufacturing, wholesale trade, labour hire, transport & logistics, NDIS, and professional services categories. Regardless of what sector you are in, we know how to structure a funding solution that will optimise your working capital cycle and solve your cash flow challenges.

Our range of innovative solutions are designed to improve your cash flow and access the funds you need to realise your goals. No matter your business’ requirement, OptiPay can provide the optimal solution, without the need for property security and generally without recourse to your business.

Executive Management Team

OptiPay’s Management Team has more than 100 years of combined experience in business, having held senior positions at global corporates and run their own businesses at some stage during their careers. Having a wealth of business finance experience, OptiPay’s leaders understand exactly what SMEs need when it comes to working capital requirements.

We’ve Funded Over a Billion Dollars to Australian Businesses

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OptiPay In The News

See what mainstream media has to say about OptiPay (formerly TIM Finance), and why you can trust us to help grow your business fast.
“ The report found that the mining, hospitality, tourism and real estate sectors are the biggest bill shirkers. ”
“ Small business is drowning in a $76 billion sea of unpaid customer bills and invoices, crippling their ability to grow. ”
“ Research by financier… shows businesses are perpetually owed on average $38,000. ”
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