Inventory Finance

Access cash from the stock held in your inventory.

Balancing the competing priorities of holding just enough inventory to avoid production outages, while maintaining a healthy cash flow is a challenge many businesses know all too well. Unlock the working capital tied up in your inventory stock with OptiPay’s inventory finance funding solution.

Release Cash from your
stock on hand

Inventory Finance aka Stock Finance is another form of working capital finance that allows your business to borrow against the value of the inventory you are holding in your warehouse. For many businesses, their stock on hand (inventory) may well be their largest asset and whilst it is sitting in your warehouse (prior to it being sold), it has value that you can access funding against, so why not establish a line of credit secured by your inventory to help drive your business growth.

How inventory Finance Works

Depending on the type of inventory (eg: perishable products are not suitable, nor is capital equipment); The Stock Turn Days; The stock management system that you utilise, and general accounting procedures of the business, OptiPay will be able to assess if your business is suitable (which may require an independent valuation of the stock depending on its age).

Based on the valuation a credit limit will be determined by OptiPay and you can draw down funds to purchase new stock. As the stock is sold and debtor payments collected, the Inventory Finance Line of Credit is paid down. You can then draw again and the cycle repeats.

Inventory Finance is provided to established businesses having at least 3 years of trading history and must be profitable.
Inventory Finance works in conjunction with our Invoice Finance (Line of Credit) product so as you raise invoices, you then repay this revolving facility from your available funds.

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Note: OptiPay funding solutions are only suitable for businesses with annual revenues of $1m+ per annum.

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