Advantages of Using Debtor Finance for SMEs

Video Transcript

Hi, Angus Sedgwick here from OptiPay here. As we move into the holiday season, many businesses close down for several weeks, which means the importance of managing your cash flow becomes even more critical during this holiday period. So in today’s video, we’re going to look at the six key reasons why Debtor Finance also known as Invoice Finance is such a powerful form of finance for your business. One, Debtor Finance can fuel your businesses’ growth. One of the factors that limit business growth is restricted cash flow. Debtor Finance helps SME source the cash they need to fuel their businesses’ growth plans and investments. By bringing forward your funds from your outstanding invoices, it turns your unpaid invoices into cash, that you can immediately use in your business today. As your business grows and you make more sales then the size of your facility with your invoice financier will grow with that. Two, Debtor Finance helps alleviate your cash flow problems. Running an SME business means you need to have access to a steady cash flow. Using Debtor Finance can help SMEs with their cash flow problems by bridging the cash flow gaps caused by late payments, low profits, seasonal demands and many other reasons. No more extended periods of waiting for your invoices to be paid. Three, Debtor Finance gives you fast access to cash. An invoice finance facility is often approved and put in place in just a matter of days, or sometimes a week or so. Once the facility is in place and your active with your provider, cash will be readily available within 24 hours of making that sale and the invoice being verified. Fast access to funds by Debtor Finance gives your business the assurance you need to pay expenses and invest in growth. Four, you maintain your company’s ownership. Debtor Finance has no control over your business and how you run it. Your invoices secure the facility, so there may be limits in place in regards to which customers and which invoices you can fund. However, you can still manage your business, and the collection process stays with you, just the way you want it. You retain both ownership and control of your business. Five, Invoice finance is a scaleable invoice funding solution. One of the most critical advantage of Debtor Finance lies in its flexibility. Unlike most other solutions, Debtor Finance can scale up and down as your business needs it. Throughout periods of higher sales, you’ll have greater access to more cash. Six, It’s generally cheaper than unsecured business loans. Since Debtor Finance is secured by the invoice that you are funding, it’s a lot cheaper than accessing an unsecured business loan. So for more information about the power of invoice finance and what it could do, for your business, please visit our website, I’d like to wish you all a safe, festive season and we look forward to partnering with you in 2021.

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