Deep Diving

Our new client provides specialised saturation diving, underwater CIVIL and major recovery of assets for Australian and Global businesses.

They needed a funding partner who would take the time to understand their unique requirements and also assist with terms when completing a tender for international debtors. The client had explored a number of options, however, found that OptiPay’s flexible approach and tailored design funding solved every issue they identified.

OptiPay provided the client with:

  1. Total cost of the cash flow facility which could be tailored to specific projects;
  2. Funding against international debtors;
  3. Supplier funding for project materials COD;
  4. Improved net cash flow;
  5. 85% (net) advance rate;
  6. 100% (net) advance rate against creditors (suppliers);
  7. Limited-recourse. 

Challenge your understanding of cash flow solutions with innovation developed by OptiPay. Ground breaking, smart and fair, exactly how business should be.

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