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Does Invoice Finance Work for Seasonal Businesses?

Video Transcript

Hi, Angus from OptiPay, in today’s short video, we’re going to talk about whether seasonal businesses can take advantage of the power of invoice finance. So firstly, what is a seasonal business? Well, it’s any business that has peak sales period or periods throughout the year when the majority of the revenue of that business is generated. Now most businesses will have stronger periods of sales during their year. But a truly seasonal business will typically have no, or very limited sales at all during their off season. An obvious example of businesses that are seasonal, very seasonal, are agricultural producers that may have one or two harvest a year with the rest of the year devoted preparation of the land and of the harvest. An agricultural business can utilise Fully Flexible Invoice Finance offered by OptiPay, that has no lock-in contract or minimum monthly fees and allows funding against one or more selected invoices. That once those invoices are collected, that’s the end of the transaction. This allows that business owner to receive up to 90% of their sales immediately upon delivering their produce to their buyer without having to pay fees for the entire year. What we’ve also seen with the ever expanding international trade and globalisation of the world’s markets is that businesses that may have previously been seasonal based businesses such as wholesalers of winter sport equipment, for example, that traditionally may have experienced very weak sales in their off season, have been able to eliminate their off season by exporting their products to purchasers in the Northern Hemisphere. In this example, a OptiPay Export Funding Facility will allow the business to fund their international debtor invoices as soon as the buyer takes delivery of the product. Now, in both these examples the agricultural and the ski exporter facilities offered by OptiPay offer OptiPay Secure, our market leading trade credit insurance product that protects our clients in the event of insolvency of their debtors. So absolutely, in short answer: yes, a seasonal business can take advantage of the power of invoice finance.

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