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Does your business require working capital but you are loathe to take out a business loan which comes with monthly repayments? OptiPay has a solution for you in the form of Invoice Finance.

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What is Working
Capital Finance?

Working Capital is defined as current assets less current liabilities, which is the amount of liquid assets (cash + debtors) less current expenses. Positive Working Capital means the cash at bank + receivables is greater than the current expenses (payables) of the business. Negative working capital balance means the business owes more than it has in cash available and what it will receive as income in the near future.

How Does It Work?

For example:
Cash at Bank $100,000
Receivables Ledger $450,000
Payables Ledger $300,000
Working Capital $250,000

In the above example, the business has positive Working Capital of $250,000 however the free cash position is only $100,000 as the majority of the Working Capital is locked in the receivables ledger. If there is a timing mismatch between when the debtors pay their invoices and when the creditors need to be paid, the business has a liquidity issue.

This short term liquidity crisis is one that many businesses face, particularly growth companies who need to spend upfront on marketing and opex but the income from that spend may not be received for as long as 90 days later.

A solution to this is
Invoice Finance

OptiPay offers a flexible funding solution which is like a cash flow loan, but without the high fixed interest charges and the usual minimum term.

Likewise, Factoring and Invoice
Discounting are useful options for:

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How much money
can I get?

Typically, you receive up to 90% of your invoice/s value up front, in cash. You then receive the balance of the invoice/s, less the OptiPay agreed discount fee when your debtor/s pay your invoice/s.

You can get as much as 90% of your total accounts receivable ledger, at any given time. Get in touch with us to find out how much money you could raise today.

Ok, how much does this
REALLY cost?

OptiPay has no application fees to establish your Funding Account. So, there are no upfront fees before you receive funds from OptiPay.
All you pay is a one-off amount on the invoices funded which is typically less than 2% of the invoice value and only when your debtors pay their invoices. What this means is that you make no interest repayments at all. Yes, That’s it. Simple and fair.

Why Invoice Finance?

Solve your business cash flow needs with flexible, fair funding.

We’ve funded over $850 million to Australian business using their Account Receivables ledger.

No Hidden Fees

No upfront Application fees, no property security required and no hidden fees.

It’s 100% Flexible

We’ll provide the flexibility you require in order to manage your cash flows. No long lock-in contracts either.

Funding In 24 Hours

Don’t wait weeks or months for your money.

Benefits of This Offering

Here’s why Our Clients choose OptiPay

This is Paul, he is one of the directors of UVS, a labour-hire provider to the construction industry. Here’s what he has to say about how OptiPay was able to help his business grow and succeed. Contact an OptiPay expert today to see how we can help you.

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