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Our newest client was looking for a business import, export and cash flow solution, but did not like the idea of property security over his family home.

As a result he started to look at various unsecured business loans and initially he thought this would be an excellent solution. However, the problem became obvious to our client.

  1. The business needed a regular cash flow facility;
  2. His debtors terms were 90 days;
  3. He needed to pay 50% of the international order on placement and the balance with Bill of Lading.
  4. 6 weeks on water, customs and the like;
  5. Four months without cash flow and paying in advance; and
  6. He needed to service the business loan.

Therefore the business loan solved very little and cash flow to service the very expensive loan.

Our new client spoke to a number of factoring and debtor finance companies, and most offered a mix of trade finance and cash flow finance. No one had a complete solution.

He was finally referred by his accountant to OptiPay which structured the following solution:

  • Established a $200,000.00 pm unsecured working capital arrangement;
  • Provided a trade import facility (unsecured and non-recourse to the business) with a 90% supplier advance payment;
  • No repayment until the product was delivered to his client;
  • Provided a trade export facility (unsecured and non-recourse to the business);
  • All FX, customs, QC managed, and reducing the clients import/export costs by 12% over their previous strategy.

Set up time to complete funding 7 business days. A little longer than usual OptiPay standards but the client understood.

Once again a facility which is absolutely unique in the Australia market, plus all reporting and tracking is available online with real time updates and cash flow management.

Challenge your understanding of import, export and cash flow solutions, with innovation developed by OptiPay (OptiPay). Ground breaking, smart and fair, exactly how business should be.

“Big business funding solutions for smart SME’s”

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