Why Businesses Prefer OptiPay Over Other Lenders

WHILE Australian SMEs are increasingly using invoice finance to improve working capital and grow their businesses, common misconceptions remain about how fees are calculated.

One of the most common questions asked is “what is your interest rate”.

OptiPay’s answer is always the same.

Interest is not charged at all – because OptiPay is not a bank and does not force businesses into ongoing loan facilities.

It simply buys an invoice, or group of invoices, from you at slightly less than their face value.

For example, you offer to sell us an invoice worth $100,000. We might buy it for $95,000. The difference is our “invoice discount rate”.

Usually, it represents between 3% and 5% of the full invoice amount.

In some circumstances, it might be a little more, but OptiPay explains why well in advance of the transaction. There are no surprises or backflips .

Invoice finance can often be approved and in place in a matter of days, and once an account is established, funds can usually be available within 24 hours.

Fees OptiPay Does Not Charge (compared to other lenders)

  • No exit fees
  • No unused facility fees
  • No admistration fees
  • No accounting fees

Benefits We Offer (That other lenders can’t)

  • You don’t need to put your house up as security
  • You can opt out any time
  • Sell only the invoices you want to sell
  • You have immediate access to working capital when no one else will help

The days of bank overdrafts being the only option for funding are over, and invoice finance is becoming the preferred option for many Australian SMEs.

Free Expert Advice

If invoice finance is a solution you’re considering for your business, use OptiPay’s independent expertise and find out more about how it could benefit you and your business.

Help us to help you determine the best way forward. We specialise with supporting small and medium businesses.

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