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Late payments
can kill a business.

Unpaid invoices can’t pay staff, they can’t pay overhead, and there’s no way you can grow your business with money you don’t have.

Unpaid invoices can’t pay staff, they can’t pay overhead, and there’s no way you can grow your business with money you don’t have. That’s why so many Australian Businesses are choosing to work with the Invoice Market, or tim as we are called. We’ve provided over 745,782,456 dollars’ worth of funds to over 350 Australian Businesses, so they could pay their bills and grow their business. 

We’ve made it as easy as possible. There are no repayment schedules, no interest, and no surprise costs or clauses.

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The #1 cause of business failure in Australia is poor cash flow

Late payments have become a normal part of b2b for many companies. Many have to deal with the reality that sometimes it takes 30… 60… or even 90 days before an invoice is paid.

Invoices can take a while to get paid.

They can get lost in the shuffle, slowed down by old payment systems, delayed by your client’s cash flow problems, or paid late for no apparent reason at all. This means many “profitable” businesses find themselves with no cash in the bank to even pay staff.

Banks are often stubborn

and refuse to loan money to small or medium sized businesses, even if they have a great track record and are in the growing phase. Even if you can convince the bank to lend your business money, they often enforce harsh terms that just add to the stress.

Other companies may provide you the money

but once they have you signed up to a contract, they become hard to work with and expensive. Picking the wrong partner for cash flow can just make everything more complicated.

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Who do we help and
how does it all work?

Tim was made for small and medium-sized Australian Businesses who want out of the “catch-up game” that most b2b companies are forced to play with late invoices.

How it works is that instead of providing you with a traditional loan, that has all the collateral, interest and payments that go with it, we instead use your unpaid invoice as “collateral.” We give funds equivalent to 80-90% of the unpaid invoice, so you can start putting that money to work for your business.

OptiPay isn’t designed to fund solo entrepreneurs or small start-ups, as the minimum amount for an unpaid invoice that we will fund for is $50,000. If you are waiting on a large chunk of money and need the cash as soon as possible, that’s where we can step in. What we offer is different from factoring, as with us you can raise cash flow against multiple invoices instead of a single debt secured against the value of one invoice.

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We don’t rope you in – We lift you up!

OptiPay is different. We are Australian owned, and our mission is to help Australian companies grow and profit.

There’s no repayment schedule, no interest on the loan, no due dates, and no surprises. Just get the funds you need.

Here is what you get with OptiPay:

Don’t let your cash flow problems
grow out of your control – Get us on a call today

There’s no point sitting around

and waiting if you are facing an impending cash flow crisis. While other solutions can have major drawbacks and unseen costs, we don’t.

We are for Australian Businesses.

It’s our mission to help Australian Businesses grow and profit.

We act fast as well.

Once you are on board with us, you can often get funding within 24 hours of your request, with our easy to use online system, (48 hours if you are new usually.)

Best of all,

we work out custom solutions for our clients.

Book a call with us below,

and we will go into depth about any questions or concerns you may have. We can often end up saving our clients a lot of money with our custom solutions.

There are no obligations,

no surprises and we are happy to answer any questions.

Even if you don’t decide to work with us,

we can give you greater clarity to how you can overcome your cash flow problems and get the funding you need.

We are here to make things as easy as possible for you.

No business that’s got real clients should be caught in a cashflow drought just because of a few late payments. It’s wrong that it can be so hard for b2b companies to get the funding they need when they are growing and have bills that must be paid.

We’ve built tim not to serve us, but rather to serve you.

That’s why there’s no interest, no upfront fees, and no payment schedule. Tim is simply a tool you can use to securely get the funds you need now, so your business isn’t choked to death.

Here’s why Our Clients choose OptiPay

This is Paul, he is one of the directors of UVS, a labour-hire provider to the construction industry. Here’s what he has to say about how OptiPay was able to help his business grow and succeed. Contact an OptiPay expert today to see how we can help you.

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