A different kind of cash flow solution

So, you think all cash flow solutions are the same worn out beast………Well, read this!

A specialist Engineering Company involved in a JV for the delivery of Precast Concrete Tied Wall panels required a smart solution to secure the contract.

In order to manufacture the product the client had to purchase the raw material from a supplier and the supplier was not willing to provide credit terms to the client ($380,000 per 45 days required).

The client and their accounting advisor approached OptiPay and enquired about the possibility of constructing a solution for payment to the supplier on the strength of the Engineering JV contract.

To facilitate this transaction OptiPay’s Accelerator and OptiPaySecure™ solution was implemented. Through Accelerator, the supplier was paid in full and the manufacture of product being completed for delivery to the Engineering JV.

Proceeds from this contract will be used to service a revolving supply chain facility and funding to the supplier.

As a result of an ability to pay the supplier immediately and the orders now significant, the client has been able to negotiate significant supply input discounts and improved their net cash flow position and profits.

Within 48 hours of receipt of the documents, OptiPay was able have the facility in place and also pay the supplier. From application to funding 72 hours!!!!!

The cost of implementation was ZERO, in other words, through the correct implementation of the OptiPay technology, and innovative product funding the cost to the client is neutral. 

The OptiPaySecure™ solution further ensured that the recourse to the client was “limited” inclusive of no property security required.

Challenge your understanding of cash flow solutions with innovation developed by OptiPay. Ground breaking, smart and fair, exactly how business should be.

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