Accounts Receivable Funding

If you need to boost your business‘ cash flow but would like to avoid taking on debt or increasing your debt facilities, OptiPay’s accounts receivable funding is the answer. With OptiPay’s flexible funding – also known as Invoice Discounting – you use your current Accounts Receivable ledger (aka Debtor Ledger or Aged Receivables) as security to turn your outstanding invoices into cash within 24 hours instead of 30 to 90+ days down the line. Transform your business without borrowing a cent.

What is Accounts
Receivable Funding?

Accounts Receivable Funding is a way to ensure your business has the cash it needs to operate and grow. It works by tapping into the money hidden in your accounts receivable ledger.
If you have invoiced other businesses and are waiting for payment, this is effectively usable credit and it is a shame to borrow at high interest to make ends meet when you technically have the money on your balance sheet. So instead of entering into a term loan requiring regular repayments, a business can use its accounts receivable book to get money upfront, instead of waiting weeks or months for an invoice to be paid. Businesses can meet many of their funding needs, including major investments, using this flexible form of finance.

How Does It Work?

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It will only take a few seconds & will not affect your credit rating.
Note: OptiPay funding solutions are only suitable for businesses with annual revenues of $1m+ per annum.

How Much Money Can You Access?

Accounts Receivable Funding Offers A Great Solution To:

Why Invoice Finance?

Solve your business cash flow needs with flexible, fair, fast, friendly, and affordable funding.
Well over $60 billion is funded to Australian businesses each year using their Account Receivables ledger. The days of bank overdrafts linked to property security being the only option for funding are over, and invoice finance is becoming the preferred option for smart Australian SMEs.

No Hidden Fees

No upfront Application fees, no property security required and no hidden fees.

It’s 100% Flexible

We’ll provide the flexibility you require in order to manage your cash flows. No long lock-in contracts either.

Funding In 24 Hours

Don’t wait weeks or months for your money.

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Why should I go with OptiPay?

Low Risk – Protection against your client not paying you or defaulting on payment

If you issue invoices and your client (the debtor) fails to pay, and your business has not committed a fraudulent transaction, then OptiPaySecure™ steps in and protects you and covers up to 90% of the funding provided as well as the legal costs to chase your client (debtor). This is unlike business loans where you run the risk of losing your business as well as personal assets in the event of default by your client.

Low Cost

With OptiPay you are not locked into repayments on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. In fact, there are no repayments at all because OptiPay is not a bank or like other ‘unsecured’ cash flow lenders and does not force businesses into ongoing loan facilities with fixed repayment terms. All you pay is a low pre-agreed fee and only at the time when your client pays their invoices.

No Hidden Fees

Extra fees are so common in business lending that SMEs have gotten used to them – but they shouldn’t accept them! It’s worth looking at a short, non-exhaustive list of fees OptiPay does NOT charge compared to other lenders.

Available to all Australian businesses

OptiPay’s invoice finance facility is available to every Australian business that invoices other businesses (B2B). We offer flexible funding facilities ranging from $100,000 to $5.0 million. Even if you can’t get a business loan or overdraft, you can qualify for invoice financing as it is based on your current sales, not your past.

Fully Flexible Option without Long Lock-in Periods

Flexible and tailored funding solution for your business. Your business is not burdened with long ongoing contracts and repayment schedules. You can raise the cash flow against your debtors ledger whenever it suits you and your requirements.

Easy & fast application process

Apply online from the comfort of your home or business, no unnecessary paperwork. Get up to 90% of your invoices paid within 24-hours of approval. Our simple online system gives you full control over your financing.

Here’s why Our Clients choose OptiPay

This is Paul, he is one of the directors of UVS, a labour-hire provider to the construction industry. Here’s what he has to say about how OptiPay was able to help his business grow and succeed. Contact an OptiPay expert today to see how we can help you.

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OptiPay Funding Process

5 simple steps to secure funding

Quick same-day setup

Select your invoices and upload

Due diligence

Access up to 90% of your cash up front

Access balance of cash

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OptiPay’s accounting interface is quick to setup and integrates seamlessly with your accounting software to help to manage your money and pay suppliers.
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