Debt Factoring

Debt Factoring or Invoice Financing as its better known, allows businesses to access funds owed to them before it is received by their debtors. It’s a way for businesses to access up to 90% from their outstanding invoices upfront and receive the rest when the customer pays, as per your normal trade terms with them.

Advantages of Debt Factoring

Debt factoring is a flexible alternative to traditional business loans as the amount of funds that can be accessed is based on the business’ sales (not the balance sheet or the debt and ATO position of the business). Debt factoring can hugely benefit cash flow since businesses can get instant access to a large percentage of the money owed to them immediately, instead of waiting for payments to arrive in 30 to 60+ days’ time.

Businesses that use debt factoring have better negotiating power with suppliers by using the money they receive upfront, to take advantage of early payment discounts and bulk-buying opportunities with their suppliers.

Debt Factoring
Quick Facts

As soon as you’re approved, you can upload some of your invoices or your entire Accounts Receivables ledger and you will receive the funds on the same day or within 24 hours of invoice verification. To get started, simply complete the online application form provided on our website. It will only take a few seconds and won’t affect your credit rating.

OptiPay’s cash flow funding solutions DO NOT require property security as collateral. We use your Accounts Receivables ledger as collateral. The larger your ledger, the more funds we will advance you with no other physical security.

After setting up a funding account with OptiPay, you then email or upload any or all outstanding invoices to us for funding.

OptiPay will then transfer you with up to 90% of the face value of the invoice within 24 hours of approval. When the invoices are paid in full by your debtors, your business receives the remaining balance less a discount fee to OptiPay.

Businesses that are eligible for debt factoring must have B2B sales, on credit terms and invoices for the sale of goods or services that have been received.

OptiPay charges no upfront application fees to set up an account, nor does OptiPay charge weekly or monthly interest and principal repayment fees like a traditional unsecured business loan. All you pay is a small percentage of the invoice value funded (called a discount fee) and only when your debtors pay their invoices. What this means is that you make no ongoing interest repayments at all. The actual discount fee charged varies based on the size and value of the business and the debtors being funded, suffice to say that it usually works out cheaper than taking out an unsecured business loan or even an unsecured overdraft facility. Yes, that’s correct – simple and fair.

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It will only take a few seconds & will not affect your credit rating.
Note: OptiPay funding solutions are only suitable for businesses with annual revenues of $1m+ per annum.

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Why Use OptiPay's
Debt Factoring?

Solve your business cash flow needs with flexible, fair funding.

There are all kinds of reasons why businesses are seeking to avoid loans and bank overdrafts (assuming you get approved for a business loan) – which are restrictive, often linked to property security, and commit a borrower to long months of regular repayments. That’s why Australian businesses are now securing debtor finance of over $60 billion each year using their accounts receivable. Debt factoring is the smart option for Australian SMEs.

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