Funding Story: Engineering Business

Video Transcript

So a finance broker brought us an opportunity, a scenario the other week that it was an engineering business down in Melbourne and they needed a couple of different products. They needed a trade finance because they were importing raw materials from overseas and they also had long trade terms with their customers that they supplied so they were looking for an invoice financing product. He brought the opportunity to us and a couple of other financiers and also went to the bank, their transactional bank and very quickly found out the transactional bank couldn’t help them so OptiPay ended up being the product he went with or the provider he went with because we could provide both the trade finance and the debtor finance facility at very competitive rates and it allowed him to import more products, that he couldn’t finance previously and make more sales. We consulted very heavily with the broker to understand exactly what it was that the client needed and to put a solution in place that met those needs rather than do an off the shelf, here’s your debtor finance product, we found something that really would work for his particular needs.

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