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Our new client provides a range of concrete products to the CIVIL Construction industry via an extensive supply chain and significant sub-contractor base.

The client had an existing facility with a 1st tier bank, debtor finance and a range of secured facilities.

The client was increasingly frustrated by the banks inability to extend the terms of the facility, even though the bank held security over personal assets, machinery and equipment and commercial premises.

The client imports specialised materials for the construction of CIVIL components and the terms require 30% on purchase order with the balance prior to shipment, then on the water for circa 4 weeks.

Client Requirements:

  • Expand the facility
  • Improve net cash flow
  • Release fixed asset security
  • Identify savings and allow for increased turnover by competitive tender process application.

Results Achieved:

  1. Implemented a new facility of $2.5M per month
  2. Payout existing provider $4.0M
  3. Improved GP margin by 4.0%
  4. Establish Import Trade Facility (18% savings as compared to their current Logistics and Funding).
  5. Reduced deposit requirement to 20% of orders on Import Trade Facility
  6. Sub-Contractors paid within 48 hours or progress claim approval

A OptiPay trained expert can help your business achieve impressive results.

It is undeniable that funding solutions and product design is changing at a pace and the reality is, that unless you fully understand a client’s business and their needs you will not be in a position to offer the best solution.

When it is time to review your business funding arrangements then a meeting with a OptiPay. trained expert is time well invested.

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