Business owner facing issues during growth phase

What are the Issues for Small Businesses in “Growth” Phase?

Video Transcript

The main issue faced by businesses in their start up phase, which is say from start up to the first three years which is the real crux and we know the statistics that, unfortunately, eight out of ten businesses fail in the first three years. The impact on the Australian economy to that, is worth about SEVENTY SIX BILLION DOLLARS of lost revenue as a result of these business failures. And the biggest obstacles that a business owner faces in those first three years is from our experience, first is a lack of planning. They start a business with a great idea with all the enthusiasm that they bring to their job and their passion, but unfortunately haven’t put a great plan in place as to how they’re going to see themselves from this point to three years down the track, mainly around their cash flow. Because in many cases, a business owner thinks as soon as i sell my product, I’ll get the revenue from that coming into my business. And that is just not the case. In many cases, there’s significant outflows to suppliers, to landlords, to employees, before any money comes into a business.

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