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Improved operating margins through innovative business cash flow acceleration at 4.87% pa.

Our transport client was running a full facility with a first tier factoring company, which was costly, restrictive, had all the recourse to the client, inflexible and onerous covenants.

They sought the advice of a business consultant who recommended alternate solutions may be available with OptiPay

A review of the client’s entire ledger revealed some $580,000.00 in monthly fuel costs and a number of other associated expenses.

Through OptiPay’s Accelerator funding solution, we established a $1,180,000.00 per month revolving facility, which is used in part to fund the clients creditors (suppliers) at 100% of the agreed invoice value and within 24 hours of the clients approval to pay their creditor (suppliers) fuel and the like.

The facility also allowed for the client to draw up to 80% of the facility limit on their approved debtors.

The facility is absolutely unique and completed online and without delay. Easy tracking inclusive of supplier and debtor management at the click of a mouse.

All reporting is available online with real time updates and cash flow management.

The result:

  1. Total cost of the cash flow facility reduced to 4.87% pa;
  2. Improved trading margins;
  3. Improved cash position;
  4. Improved net cash flow;
  5. 80% advance rate;
  6. 100% advance rate against creditors (suppliers);
  7. Non-recourse.

Challenge your understanding of cash flow solutions with innovation developed by OptiPay. Ground breaking, smart and fair, exactly how business should be.

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