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Why Managing Your Debtor Ledger is So Important

Video Transcript

Management of your debtor ledger is absolutely critical to the ongoing success of any business. Because if you send off an invoice, you deliver your goods or service, you send off the invoice in anticipation of being paid in, whatever your agreed credit terms are, which might be 30 days later. And 30 days come and the payment doesn’t come in and then you start chasing it. Well, that’s yeah, you’ve just wasted 30 days. Much better to have implemented a procedure or a process which can all be automated through your accounting platform. So that as soon as you send off the invoice, a few days later, It’s followed up with another email that say: “I just wanted to confirm that you received that invoice and that it is in your system for payment.” And then a week before the due date another email goes off to the debtor, their customer saying “invoice is due for payment next week, just a courtesy reminder that it’s in your system for payment.” So that there’s been two reminders along the way. Should that debtor payment not come, you’ve got that back up to say, “well, I did remind you twice.” and then they can’t fall back on “we never received the invoice.” Which is a pretty standard excuse in the business world.

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