Do you need capital to fund your business’ growth? But are fed up with expensive business loans?

All companies during specific phases of their business life cycle will require cash injections to improve the cash flow within the business and prepare for their next stage of growth – whether this be building the team, improving the product or service, or expanding to industry verticals. 

These cash injections are funded externally, historically from banks who offer ‘business loans’. The problem? The numerical amount you can borrow depends on the business finances (as stated in your financial statements), the credit score of the business owners, and the business credit. Finding out how much your small business can borrow isn’t simple – in order to determine whether you will qualify for a business loan, and how long the loan term would be, you will need to complete a lengthy application process. 

Business loans lock your company into a strict repayment plan, with monthly or weekly repayments required, and charge interest which can be subject to inflation – which results in higher interest rates and fees. Additionally, depending on the lending criteria, type of business loan, and fixed rate, you may incur fees if you try to make early repayments. This binds companies into a strict schedule which disables flexibility associated with the company’s growth progression. 

OptiPay is a business finance assistant that equips companies to optimise their payments through innovative tools. Dissimilarly to business loans provided by the bank, OptiPay offers a modern flexible funding solution that businesses the cash it needs without the high fixed interest charges, regular payments, or the usual 6-12 months term business loan contract. 

With OptiPay, there are no upfront setup costs and no elongated, time consuming application process. You can simply apply online with a few clicks. What comes next? Once your application has been approved, your business has an improved cash flow – encouraging business development, expansion, and scalability.

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This is Paul, he is one of the directors of UVS, a labour-hire provider to the construction industry. Here’s what he has to say about how OptiPay was able to help his business grow and succeed. Contact an OptiPay expert today to see how we can help you.

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