Funding Story: Logistics Business

Mining Truck

 Video Transcript It’s a transportation business that is providing funnily enough transport services in the mining services sector and it’s an unfortunate reality in Australian commerce that the big miners tend to be slow payers cause they’re using all their suppliers and vendor providers as banks for themselves to enhance their profit. And many […]

Funding Story: Plastic Importer


 Video Transcript Another one of our clients is an importer of plastics that they then recycle and then make available to buyers in Australia. They were with another financier who was giving them a small trade facility but wouldn’t increase the limit or didn’t have the capacity to increase the limit so they came […]

Funding Story: Medical Services Firm

Lady having an MRI

 Video Transcript One of our clients operates in the medical services industry, where they’re contacting medical professionals to other businesses and very much like labour hire, they needed to pay those people on a weekly basis, but they weren’t seeing the cash flow coming back from those invoices for between 30 and 60 days. […]

Funding Story: Labour Hire Company

Applicants waiting for an interview

 Video Transcript One of our clients, well one of the industries that’s predisposed to needing cash flow finance is labour hire. Because they have to pay their contractors every week, typically on a Wednesday night, but they may not see the cash flow from the invoices that they issue to their clients, who are […]

Funding Story: Engineering Business

 Video Transcript So a finance broker brought us an opportunity, a scenario the other week that it was an engineering business down in Melbourne and they needed a couple of different products. They needed a trade finance because they were importing raw materials from overseas and they also had long trade terms with their […]

Funding Story: Refrigeration Business

Refrigeration Business

 Video Transcript A business that was in the refrigeration space, so they were putting refrigeration units on the back of trucks and vans or in vans and the demand for it was growing rapidly but and they were bringing in these completed refrigeration units from overseas and was unable to meet the demand he […]

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