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Mining Truck

Funding Story: Logistics Business

 Video Transcript It’s a transportation business that is providing funnily enough transport services in the mining services sector and it’s an unfortunate reality in

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Funding Story: Plastic Importer

 Video Transcript Another one of our clients is an importer of plastics that they then recycle and then make available to buyers in Australia.

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Lady having an MRI

Funding Story: Medical Services Firm

 Video Transcript One of our clients operates in the medical services industry, where they’re contacting medical professionals to other businesses and very much like

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Applicants waiting for an interview

Funding Story: Labour Hire Company

 Video Transcript One of our clients, well one of the industries that’s predisposed to needing cash flow finance is labour hire. Because they have

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Funding Story: Engineering Business

 Video Transcript So a finance broker brought us an opportunity, a scenario the other week that it was an engineering business down in Melbourne

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Deep Diving

Our new client provides specialised saturation diving, underwater CIVIL and major recovery of assets for Australian and Global businesses. They needed a funding partner who

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