Import Finance for Wholesalers

Wholesalers play a key part in Australia’s economy, often taking on the logistical burden of importing goods that other businesses need from overseas. OptiPay’s import finance is a smart way to fund those wholesale operations, and can perfectly match your scale and ambitions.

Whether they are importing consumer goods that retailers want to stock, or industrial supplies for the construction, extraction or manufacturing sector, wholesalers play an important role in Australia’s trade.

Accordingly, it can also be a profitable niche to be in, and many wholesalers will find themselves wanting to scale up. This will naturally require funding, as it involves buying ever more supplies from abroad. These will have to be paid for long before they are received and sold on, so a significant cash flow gap is inevitable for businesses in the sector.

Import finance is a specialist business funding solution designed to plug that gap. With nimble fintech operators like OptiPay, it can be very flexible and easy to use, allowing wholesalers to take charge of their finances and removing a major barrier to growth.

Better Funding for Wholesale Importers

Unlike generalist business funding solutions such as a business loan, which involves borrowing a fixed amount of money for a period which usually stretches to several years, import finance is flexible and tailored to you by design.

With import finance, you decide on the order you want to place with an overseas supplier, according to your sales expectations and demand from your customers. When you receive the invoice from your purchase order, instead of paying it yourself, you will simply forward it on to us. We pay your supplier and ensure that the goods are despatched ’post haste’. You pay us back on agreed terms, 30 or 60 days later.

This form of smart funding means you always receive the exact amount you need, for a period designed to cover your cash flow gap. Those wholesalers who face a further gap caused by late payment by their business customers can extend this funding bridge on the other side, with OptiPay’s flexible invoice discounting.

Smart Trade Finance

Some wholesalers are experts in importing: these will likely already appreciate the benefits of import finance, although they may be pleasantly surprised the nimble solutions OptiPay can provide. For those who are just starting out in international trade – as part of a growth plan or in response to a specific customer demand, perhaps – import finance has further benefits in that it helps to de-risk the process of buying from foreign jurisdictions.

Import finance solutions such as OptiPay’s can remove the administration, the forex risks, the bureaucracy and even the cultural misunderstandings: A dedicated account manager oversees the entire import transaction, keeping you updated on your orders in production, in transit and on delivery. It completely removes the administration complexities and cash flows usually required in managing imports.

With our staff on the ground in China, Asia and the USA, the Quality Control (QC) of your product is managed by OptiPay before leaving the factory to ensure quality standards expected by Australian companies. And the price quoted by OptiPay is the all-inclusive Australian dollar price per shipment delivered to your business, with nothing more to pay.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not already importing as a wholesaler, take a look at the savings you can make, and the profits available if you do. With OptiPay, it’s never been easier.

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