Trade Finance for Civil Engineering Companies

Have you ever had to turn away business because you couldn’t afford to fund it? Or received a Purchase Order from your customer but don’t have the capital to pay the overseas manufacturer 100% before the goods leave the factory? Get the finance you need to pay your suppliers, be it for imports or exports. This lets you focus on closing sales rather than worrying about how to manage your cash flows.

From the pyramids of Egypt to the Sydney Opera House, civil engineering has delivered the wonders of the world, and all the physical infrastructure our economy depends on today. It’s still one of the most rewarding business to be in, and successful civil engineering contractors can make good money at home and by sourcing product and materials from overseas manufacturers – but like all businesses they need funding to grow, especially when importing.

One of the funding needs for civil engineers relates to the gap between getting a contract – with the supplier and staffing costs that involves – and eventually getting paid for the work. OptiPay offers several smart solutions, including a specialist trade finance package designed for civil engineers involved in foreign trade.

International Civil Engineering Contracts

The reputation of Australia’s civil engineering sector means that companies are in demand and can access a wealth of contracts in so many sectors. At the same time, many companies in the sector are themselves importers, either because they need specific supplies or materials only available from another country; or because they can source manufactured goods or raw materials cheaper abroad.

Importing in this way is an important way for civil engineering businesses to grow, but they do widen a cash flow gap that is already large in the sector. Specialist trade finance allows that gap to be closed and ensures companies can take advantage of the best supply routes and the most lucrative contracts without fear of getting into difficulty.

How Trade Finance Works

The advent of fintech has brought nimble, smart financing solutions to medium-sized businesses wanting to import. With OptiPay, a civil engineer which receives a contract can get the value of that purchase order in advance, and use the money to cover the cost of delivering on the contract. When the buyer settles the bill, OptiPay will be paid back and will take a small pre-agreed fee for its service.

The benefits of using OptiPay’s trade finance package of imports is: after you order goods from an overseas manufacturer, you would send us their invoice marked “Good to Go” and we pay it. You then pay us back on agreed terms – for example, 60 days later.

Smart Trade Finance

Trade finance has been around since ancient times, and one of the reasons it has stood the test of time is that it has certain smart features built in: the financing is always proportional to the business’s current trading position, so you are not borrowing a penny more or less that you need. Unlike a business loan, it is essentially forward looking, based on the orders you have, not a record of previous years.

With fintech providers like OptiPay, it gets even smarter. You can combine import finance along with our invoice discounting solution, to eliminate the need for working capital. This means ambitious businesses are free to grow at the pace their customers want, rather than within limits set by available funding.

OptiPay offers Trade Finance to Australian businesses from early stage to mid-market companies with proven track records. With our strong financial position and expertise in cross-border transactions, it allow us to quickly structure the best funding solution for your business. Simple and straightforward!

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